Concept and Model

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he SCORE concept allows for continued well-rounded musical development in children who are eight to twelve years old. For many young musicians, the transition from elementary school music to middle school music can be abrupt, even awkward. It is common for a child, who has been experiencing an increasingly wide range of musical activities in the elementary grades, to suddenly have to decide in middle school between band, orchestra, jazz ensemble, or chorus, perhaps to be slotted that way for the rest of the school years.

This transitional time is a watershed for musical development, and a critical time for broad-based, challenging musical activities. SCORE seeks to mine the enormous musical potential of children of this age, allowing them to continue to be well-rounded singers/instrumentalists with heightened ensemble challenges and leadership opportunities

Any community or school that has an active strings program for children, along with good Orff music and movement instruction, can put together a SCORE group.



SCORE as a Model

The American Children of SCORE in Virginia is based in Fauquier County. Rehearsals are held at Highland Center for the Arts in Warrenton, VA. The group draws from several different schools and includes many home-schooled children.


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