From the Artistic Director: John Krumich

I think everyone knows that music is good for the brain.  We intuitively know that it gives us new ways of expressing ourselves, of organizing our thoughts and ideas, and of course music gives us pleasure and comfort.

But what long-term benefits can music confer on the brain if one learns to play an instrument just for a few years?  A team of neuroscientists at Northwestern University has conducted a number of studies that show musicians have an increased ability to pick out a speaker’s words in a noisy environment, are better at detecting emotion in speech, and can stay sharper at processing sounds as they age.

But does one have to be a long-time musician, starting young and singing and playing through college and beyond to reap these benefits?  No.  According to a recent article published in the Journal of Neuroscience, the same researchers found that just one to five years of playing music as a child was associated with an improved cognitive ability in processing complex sounds as an adult.

SCORE stands as a wonderful place for children to come together and sing and play instruments for one to four years of their lives.   Every week in rehearsals, and at every concert, we see the growth of their musical skills, and yes, of their brains.

SCORE Welcomes Dean Shostak

SCORE is delighted to once again welcome Dean Shostak a master of making music with glass instruments to share the stage with the Ensemble on Saturday, December 8, 2012 at 3:00 PM.

Holly & Ivy & Crystal Concert with Dean Shostak is a multi-media concert that introduces audiences to amazing glass instruments from Benjamin Franklin’s Glass Armonica in 1761 to brand new musical instruments being created for Dean by glass artist all around the world. Shostak’s performance is an ever changing showcase of glass music, art, history, and science. The music ranges from Mozart and Beethoven, to modern day favorites. Dean Shostak has been featured on “All Thing’s Considered,” “The Early Show,” “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood,” CNN, HGTV, and many other programs. They even use his music on The Weather Channel.

Plan now to join us at Rice Theater in the Highland Center for the Arts in Warrenton, VA.
Tickets: $10 adult, $5 students

For more information or to reserve tickets call 540-428-2313 or