A Gift in the Musical Life of a Child

SCORE, now in its 19th season, serves children in the greater Piedmont area of Northern Virginia.  The children are chosen by audition but no prior music experience is required.  In rehearsals all are trained chorally and learn to play the Orff instruments (xylophone, glockenspiels, drums, etc.) and recorders.  The combinations of these instruments and voices creates a childlike, yet symphonic, sound that the Washington Post called “ethereal…transfixing.”

We are driven by our mission to give motivated children an opportunity to join together to experience the rigors and joys of ensemble music.  We wish to emphasize and strengthen the vital part of our mission that extends the availability of SCORE to children who are underserved in music education.  As our outreach to the community grows, so does our need to provide scholarships to our increasingly diverse ensemble.   Would you consider assisting a child with the gift of a season of musical education with SCORE?  A former SCORE parent once attached a note to her contribution that read, “This gift is in recognition of the way you integrate music with life!”

SCORE is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) cultural arts and educational organization.  It is supported by tuition, grants including the Virginia Commission of the Arts and the generosity of friends in our community.

The American Children of SCORE
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